Authorized Sachtler Tripod Head Repairs & Service

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Expert Service

Expert Service

Knowledgable Staff with Experience Servicing Sachtler Tripod Fluid Heads & Sticks since 1996.

Factory Trained Personnel

Factory Trained Personnel

Our Technicians have been Factory Trained here in the U.S. as well as at Sachtler's Worldwide Headquarters located outside of Munich, Germany.

Parts In Stock

Parts In Stock

With 2,000+ Replacement Parts In Stock, we have the parts on-hand that are needed for routine repairs.

Fast Turnaround

Our Normal turnaround time usually ranges from 3-10 business days based on our work load.

We also offer Priority Service with an expedited turnaround time usually of 2-3 days. Priority Service allows our clients to red flag their equipment and send it to the head of the line, expediting the evaluation/repair process to get their unit back quicker.

Average Repair Costs

Every repair is different, but the average routine repair cost for regular service on a fluid head is usually ~$300-$500 parts & labor (~$225-$350 for sticks).

Some repairs might be less, some might be more, this is just an average.  Until we are able to get our hands on the unit, that is the best guess estimate to go with.

For Overhaul pricing, please see our FAQ's

For accessory only, minor repairs (spreaders, pan arms, etc.), we usually charge $50 labor plus parts (extensive repairs will be charged at a higher labor rate).

Labor Charges

We charge a flat labor rate for most repairs, parts are additional.

Flat Rate Labor Charges for routine repairs: $198/section for Regular Service and $297/section for Priority Service.  The Pan, Tilt, Counter Balance and Sticks are each considered a section.

Sachtler Models Serviced

We repair the majority of Sachtler's entire line of DV, ENG & Cine fluid heads. We repair all old and new 75mm & 100mm Bowl models and all newer 150mm Bowl models. Below is a list of the fluid head models we service:

Ace M
Ace L
Cine 30HD
Cine 7+7HD
Cine 75HD
Dutch Head 35
Panorama 3+3
Panorama 7+7 (100mm)
Panorama Plus
Studio 9+9
Video 10
Video 14
Video 14II
Video 15P
Video 15SB
Video 18
Video 18II
Video 18III
Video 18P
Video 18S
Video 18S1
Video 18 Dutch
Video 20
Video 20II
Video 20III
Video 20P
Video 20S
Video 20S1
Video 25
Video 25II
Video 25P
Video 25P FB
Video 60P
Video 60P FB
Video 60P EFP
Video 60P Studio
Video 75P EFP
Video 75P Studio

There are a few select models we do not repair. For that list, please see this link: Sachtler Models We Do Not Service.

To Send Your Sachtler Product in for Repair

Simply complete our Repair Order Form and include it in the box with your shipment

Complete Our Repair Order Form

Have a Question?

Checkout our Sachtler FAQ's for a bunch of commonly asked questions with answers pertaining to Sachtler products.

Looking for New Sachtler Gear?

Checkout our Sachtler Sales Area as we are also an Authorized Sachtler Sales Dealer.

Looking for Replacement Parts?

We sell those too! Just enter the part number into the search box on our website for real-time price and availability. If you don't have a part number, you can checkout our Sachtler Exploded Parts Diagrams to located the number, then use our website to check price, availability and place your order.

Damaged Poles/Tubes on Sticks/Legs

Cracked or dented poles or moldings can sometimes be replaced on 75mm and 100mm standard duty sticks, otherwise the entire leg assembly will require replacement.  There are multiple factors that go into the repair/replace determination, therefore we can not make that decision until we receive and evaluate the unit.  Individual poles and leg moldings on 150mm sticks, 100mm heavy duty sticks and Hotpod models can generally not be repaired and require leg replacement.

Sachtler Models We Do Not Service

We do not repair the following older 150mm Bowl Sachtler Studio Series Equipment:

Video 30, 30II
Video 80, 80II
Video 90, 90FB
Studio 7+7
Studio II
Studio 80II
Flatbase Only Heads (no integrated bowl)
All Pedestals
OB2000/Cine2000 Sticks