SA & J Electronics Inc. is an
Authorized Sachtler Tripod Repair Center

SA & J Electronics Inc., is an Authorized Sachtler Tripod Service Center.  Our technicians have been factory trained here in the U.S. as well as at Sachtler's worldwide headquarters located outside of Munich, Germany.

We repair Sachtler's entire line of DV & ENG fluid heads and sticks.  Repairs start as low as $188 with a turnaround of about 2-5 days.  We also offer Priority Service with same day and next day repair options.

We have over 2,000 replacement parts, in stock, dedicated to the Sachtler product line;  so you can be guaranteed that we have the parts you need IN STOCK.

Need a part?  Check out our complete set of Sachtler Exploded Views Online!  When you find the part number you need, you can check real-time price and availability online.

Looking to buy New Sachtler Equipment?  Checkout our Sachtler Sales Area.

Questions??? Check out our Sachtler FAQ's Page.

Want to send your Sachtler in for repair?  Checkout our Procedure for Sending in Repairs

How much will repairs cost?  Checkout our Sachtler Repair/Overhaul Costs.

  • We do not repair the following Sachtler Studio Series equipment:
    • Video 150mm Ball Models: V30, V30II, V80, V80II, V90
    • Studio 150mm Ball Models: Studio7+7, StudioII, Studio80II
    • Pedestals: Combi-Pedestal, Vario-Pedestal, Studio-Pedestal, Studio-Dolly
    • Sticks 150mm Bowl Models: OB2000 and limited repairs on other 150mm Sticks (call before sending in)

Sachtler Service & Support
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phone: (312) 867-1400
fax: (312) 867-1140

Jason working on a Sachtler Video 18II Fluid Head and Hotpod

Working on a pair of Sachtler sticks